Week 1: Spiderweb-like Map

In these days when we talk about the Internet, it is always talking about the internet that helps us talk to each other. Before the internet, it takes a very long period of time to pass a message to someone who is from very far away. After the internet exists and become popular, it cut down so much of the time spent on communication. However, it doesn’t start for that purpose.

Internet started as a tool to send orders through a country in the war. In the cold war, Soviet Union sent an unmanned satellite to space which is called Sputnik 1(Naughton, J. 2016). this made the US feel threatened. So they formed Arpanet. Then they developed some more networks which are for different usage.

At that time, since those network systems are so important but easy to break, to avoid any breakdown caused by any attacking, they improve the information transmission from a line(star-shaped network topology) to a net(distributed network topology)(Sterling, B. 1993). There is no any main spot or main authority, which means that the information can go through many routes to its destination, and reduce obstruction. This makes the network system more reliable. And that’s the beginning of the internet we now use.

Now, through the Internet, we can access anywhere without any problem. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.59.25 PM



  1. A Short History of the Internet by Bruce Sterling (1993, February).
  2. The evolution of the Internet: from military experiment to General Purpose Technology, Naughton, J. (2016, May 8).
  3. History of the Internet (Youtube video)

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  1. Interent has created a global platform enhancing worldwide communication and efficient network. I could only imagine how difficult it must be back in the old days to send one single message. In fact, technology will be evolving quite a lot in the coming years. Let’s see what this digital age will bring us too. Looking forward to read more of your work 🙂


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