Critical Reflection journal 1

Talent Show: YES! You pass

In these years, more and more reality shows got published on television. There are so many types of reality shows and one of them is talent shows. Talent shows are the shows that are like competitions. Participants perform talents like singing, dancing, magic and acrobatics. And this kind of shows is very popular around the world. One of them is the Got Talent series. There are so many Got Talent franchise all over the world. I would like to compare America’s Got Talent and China’s Got Talent.

Got Talent is originally a British talent show. It was started at 2005. Due to some incident, it got postponed and turned into America’s Got Talent and got published in America in 2006 for a full season. In 2010, China got their franchise and published China’s Got Talent. But it does not last long. After 5 seasons, it got cancelled in 2013. Got Talent also got the franchise into 59 versions around the world. It even broke the Guinness World Record for the most successful reality television format(Wightman, 2014). We can tell that it is a very popular show around the globe.

All Got Talent are similar, they are some big scale talent competitions. In every competition, there are 3 to 5 judges to approve the performers to the next round. There are four rounds in total. They are the audition, quarter-final, semi-final and final.

This is a platform for people to show off their skills and become famous. Since when they step on the stage and perform, they not only show off to the audience in front of the stage, they also show off to the world. And the winner can even get a contract and become a celebrity. Also, the show is a way for the audience to enjoy different talented people perform on the stage and get amazed. In the show, there is an exciting part where the judges have a chance to light up the cross and get the performer stop performing. Most of the time this mean that the performer is out.

Besides the similarities, here are some differences between America’s Got Talent(AGT) and China’s Got Talent(CGT):

  1. performance style
  2. emotional effect

First, for performance style, CGT has more cultural related talents got performed on the stage such as folk songs, kung fu, and some performance that are mixed with the eastern element.

On the other hand, AGT got less cultural related performances. Yet, it doesn’t mean that AGT is less fun. There once was a man got on the stage and performed science.

This difference may due to Chinese government’s control over TV production. Which they would want all the show in China to have “educational value”.

“The new rules will require that television stations air programs with heavy educational content, like documentaries and historical programming, so that they represent at least 30 percent of the channels’ total broadcasts.”(Florcruz, 2013)

And also since there is a new rule published at that time, CGT got cancelled after 2013.

Second, in the CGT, the show will mention more about the contestant’s backstory. Some of the contestants will tell their sad background to the audience and the judge. There may even be a video played about the contestant during the show. And then it will show the audience’ and the judges’ reaction. But in AGT, there are so much fewer scenes like that.

This is because, in China, the producers find it so attractive to the audience. The other shows that show things like this are also successful in China(Kong, S. 2016). They are interested in the sympathetic feeling in the show. On the other hand, American audience prefers shows that are more entertaining.


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