Week 2: From a Huge Machine to a Piece of Cake

The network is a very useful tool to get help from our daily life. Most of the time when we have some question that is related to our normal living, we will search it on the internet and hope to find an answer or a resolution. There is so many information on the internet that we can reach to.


From the very beginning when network just starts forming, there are a few different network systems that only work within a small area. They played an important role that let information flow in that limited area. After TCP and IP existed, information can be transmitted from one network to the other(Sterling, B. 1993). One piece of information can be seen in the different country. Scientist and professionals can share existing information to reduce time spent on investigating.


Then computers become smaller and smaller. and normal people can afford to buy a personal computer. it became possible for them to reach the information online. It is so much easier for them to do a research. Other than reading books, people can search the internet to reach so much more information. And also it is a much easier way. It is so much more efficient.


Later, these people start sharing their own thoughts and knowledge on the Internet. Internet becomes a place that people can get information from it and also upload information onto it. Now, we have the blog, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc, we can easily edit and post different information onto the internet. We can go global and there is no restriction(Castells, M. 2005). Searching on the Internet become an easy piece.



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  2. Afterword: why networks matter, Manuel Castells (2005)
    W2 Reading Listing (2) Stalder, F. (2005) ‘Information Ecology’. In Open Cultures and the Nature of Networks pp. 62-66.
  3. image source



5 thoughts on “Week 2: From a Huge Machine to a Piece of Cake

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  1. Yes, internet is a very useful tool. And what I think is that internet is not only a tool. It’s also a teacher. We can search the information in the internet. And we can also search the teacher in the internet. Lots of people share their experience on the internet. Those experience just like what the teacher teach us.


  2. It was well written , yes I agree that Internet helps us solve many many questions that we have , but we also need to know which information is authentic and real , to trust 100% on . because internet itself is an open platform where everyone can voice out their opinion , which might not be true .
    I love how from than to now we have computers and also devices which we can use outside home, actually anywhere we want .
    It has become even more easier to connect with each other . love it :))
    Keep it up , wish to see more memes and gifs .


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