Week 3: Where is the time!

After the internet network system changes from using centralized system to equal distributed system, people’s whole lifestyle changes. The entire world changes.

From the very beginning, when there is only centralized system, not many people can assess to the knowledge online. So most of the workers work with their physical labour. And they have a fixed time for work.

After distributed computing exists, which is also the existence of personal computer, there is less boundary in receiving and transmitting information. And people work in a knowledge base. Since then, people can now work from home. Working and living is kind of combined into one.

Although it is a great improvement, it still has its goods and bads.

First, this increased the labours’ workload. Being a node of the network, there is no time to stop. Also since the world is now connected, the network is constantly changing, so when there is anything happened, the workers have to work even if it is at midnight. In other words, workers have to work 24/7.

Besides, things may get done slowlier. Since every node is now equal, other than an order transfer from the centre to the other in one step, the order now has to be transferred from one node to the other to the other to get to the destination. This takes a lot more time. it slows down the prosses and also decreases the productivity.


  1. Deuze, M. (2006), Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, and Media Work
  2. Lean and Mean Development (2014), A Short History of Distributed Systems





7 thoughts on “Week 3: Where is the time!

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  1. I recently have this “Working and living is kind of combined into one.” experience. Thank gods it ended on Wednesday…for now. It really had no time to stop, I had to stay sharp in case of anything happen while I was dealing with something really important even before I went to take a nap at 6am like nearly every day at the studio. The studio is kind of my home now.


    1. This must be hard working non-stop. When someone asks you to work you have to do it even in the night time. But if you are a freelance, this will be a totally different story.


  2. Network breakthrough space and time, it changes people work mod, as what I have mentioned in my this week blog post, “home-working” is a new trend and the harm of this trend is what you said in your blog “Where is the time”, we have to work 24/7, and no rest time !!!


  3. In the past, we usually working at work time. But now, we have to pay attention to work for 24 hours, as the superior may ask for the progress of your project at 3am.The improvement of network system=terrible workload 😦


  4. Network makes work easier. However, it also makes people work like a computer, non-stop. Sometimes, people may need to work at the mid-night and until the morning as the boss call you at nigh to finish the project suddenly.


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