Critical Reflection journal 2

Japanese comics vs. Hong Kong Comics

Japan has a very well known image in the creative media industry, especially in anime and comic books. Their anime and comics are so famous around the world. And in this journal, I would like to compare Japanese comics to Hong Kong comics.


Japanese comics, also called manga, have a very big market among countries. Their manga has a very long history, way back from 12 century. But it is 10 years ago when Japanese manga got well known and influenced the international comics market. You may ask how did it happen. It was because the Japanese Government wanted to promote their culture to the globe. And they specifically focus on the exportation of Japanese Anime, Manga, and Music(KAZUAKI NAGATA, 2012).


Here are some specific things that the government did:

First, they partner up with some universities and museums overseas that are related to arts to promote manga. They have some exhibitions that show different things related to manga(KAZUAKI NAGATA, 2012). There was one that displayed some manga manuscripts. This can raise other countries’ attention to their culture.


Second, They support the overseas for training people who are involved in arts and entertainment industry. The government of Japan works with Universities and potential students to develop new workpieces or projects.

Third, they also help existing courses and programs in Japan. This is a very useful way to train potential students to contribute in this industry in the future(Anime News Network, 2007).

Under these strategies, Japanese comics got well promoted and become very well known in many different countries all over the world.


In Hong Kong, there are also many comic productions. And they are so famous…………. Okay! okay! I lied. It is not famous now. They used to be famous. But why aren’t they now?

Hong Kong comics were so popular in the 80s and 90s. They were even filmed into movies. But after they got popular, some erotic comics appeared. The government saw that and think that they will affect people, so they banned most of them. Then the image of Hong Kong comics was linked to pornography at that time. Also, since the theme of the comics were very limited, most of them are about martial art and violent. the audience got bored. In result, Hong Kong comics industry go downward.

In these years, Hong Kong Government starts to promote Hong Kong comics. Since there are no popular comics producing now, they have to promote them as a cultural history. Also, they have to grab Hong Kong people’s attention back.

The government set up some spot to show the exhibition of some giant Hong Kong comics characters(Press Releases, 2010). They also made an app for people to read Hong Kong comics. However, as there are too many entertainments and there are already so many different kind of comics from different countries, Hong Kong comics do not get the love. It doesn’t seem working.

Now, most of the activities in Hong Kong that are related to comics are about Japanese manga, not Hong Kong comics.


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