Week 5: Disney got all the copyright

Everyone loves Disney movies. Disney characters have been very popular for many generations. And Disney will have all the copyright of their characters for decades.

Indeed, while many of us enjoy the benefits of being able to freely download music from the internet, we worry as well how the musician is to make a living if her music is immediately given away for free.

Boldrin, M., and Levine, D.K. (2007)

Copyright is a tool that can protect the creators’ effort. It not only give money to the creators for a living, but also support the whole creative industry for making profits and not falling down or fading out. However, Disney is using this right for them to monopolize the market. It is not like that they don’t deserve the copyright, but it is that Disney and the other companies team up to asked to change the law and extend the copyright holding time just for them to make more profit on the old characters.(SCHLACKMAN, S.,2017) Disney has new characters from a new movie every year or two. But now they can get the profit for more than a lifetime and also stop people from using their characters to create new stuff.


Now people cant have the right to use the old stuff for new creations, which in the past they can. Is it really good for the future?


  1. Boldrin, M., and Levine, D.K. (2007). Against Intellectual Monopoly, Chapter 1
  2. STEVE SCHLACKMAN (2017, Oct.). How Mickey Mouse Keeps Changing Copyright Law. https://artrepreneur.com/how-mickey-mouse-keeps-changing-copyright-law/

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