Week 6: Seriously, Apple or Android

There was a time when Apple was the most innovative phone brand in the world.  Now Apple becomes a big brand and every trendy guy own an iPhone. However, is it still the best on earth?

Apple does come a long way to this success. However, most of its success comes from Steve Jobs, the God of Apple. from the Mac design to the on-button iPhone interface, Steve Jobs owns a very huge credit for the success of Apple. But now, after Steve Jobs has gone for good, and the rise of other smartphone brands, can Apple still stand firm on its position?

On the other hand, Android is a very widely used system. We all know that iOS is owned by Apple, and no other brand other than Apple can use it. But Android is different, it is a very low-cost system that can let every phone brand to use and operate on their phone. So it really has a big user platform. Also, it is evolving from chasing iOS to being chased by iOS.


All in all, competition makes innovation. And it is good for the world. Can Apple be the better again? Will there be a cycle when sometimes Apple is better and sometimes Android is better?


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  2. Zittrain, J. (2010) ‘A fight over freedom at Apple’s core’. Financial Times, February 3

5 thoughts on “Week 6: Seriously, Apple or Android

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  1. Although Android which is a widely used system than IOS. I still loving to use IOS as its software function and devices is much pretty and easy to use it.


  2. To be honor, I would like to choose IOS rather than Android as the system code of IOS is much better than Android. Take the example of smartphone, people usually complain about Android there are many problems with the application and the setting but seldom on iPhone.


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