Week 7: power of “speech”

Before the internet is accessible to almost everyone, newspapers play a very important role of letting people get in touch with the community or even the world. Where newspapers have to be accurate to everything it says to the public.

After the internet, people can easily upload and update things that are online. And people start posting writings like articles and blogs on the internet. However, it means that people can say whatever they want. Since it is easier to say things and have someone to be an audience, people would want to say things that are influential. Sometimes the information is not necessary to be real. 

“This environment is “inhabited” by knowledge, including incorrect ideas, existing in electronic form.”

(Dyson E., Gilder G., Keyworth G., Toffler A., 1994)

Now there are too many fake information on the internet. However, sometimes it is hard for the audience to judge whether the information there is real or not. And when the fake information got reviewed a lot, it can cover the truth. which is very dangerous to the society.



  1. Dyson E., Gilder G., Keyworth G., Toffler A., (1994, August). Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age,
  2. Gray, R., (2017, March). Lies, Propaganda and fake news: a grand challenge of our age, http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170301-lies-propaganda-and-fake-news-a-grand-challenge-of-our-age



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