Week 11: Is IoT the Future?

Small from a smartwatch, to big as a smart home. Internet of Things(IoT) is a very helpful thing to humans’ life.

IoT is the normal objects in our life that can collect data and process and take action by itself. In our normal life, the most common type of IoT is Smartwatch like Apple Watch. Apple Watch will syne with owners’ iPhone and the cloud system so they can make calls, texts, browser the app and even track their fitness activity and location. On the other hand, there are also some wearables that track people’s states and activities like Fitbit, Mi Watch, Android Wear, etc.

As IoT can track so many things people do and places they go, it knows their identity, state and location, this may lead to the thought of the safety of privacy. Since it got all owner’s information onto the cloud, it is very easy for hackers to hack on them. And the information can be personal to the owner.


And they can easily find you.


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  1. When we are enjoying the convenience brought by the technology, we really should think about the impacts they may bring to us too. IoT is very helpful, but I would rather do things by myself than being lazy.


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