Critical Reflection journal 3

Film Festival. Have you been to one?

There are over 3000 film festivals happening every year around the world(Follows, 2013). But there are just less than ten of them are well-known to the public and are actually getting attention. However, they should be more pay more attention to film festivals as they have many benefits to us.


Film Festivals help Cosmopolitanism

First of all, film festivals bring people from different country together. Film festivals usually receive movies from many different countries. Through the film festivals, those film producers that take part in it can communicate with others and exchange ideas. The ideas and culture of a place are easily communicated through the movie(Kaushik, 2015). They can even develop ideas together and collaborate together. they can have a co-production and benefit the countries by getting audience from the other countries.

Secondly, film festivals let the public know more about the other countries. Through film festivals, those film can be watched by the audience from other different countries. Since usually when there is a film festival happening in that region, there will be cinemas nearby that will showcase the films that participate in that film festival or the film that won the awards. It can attract a pool of audience in that country and get them to see the other films that are also produced by that country. Besides, film festival can also let the audience know more about the other countries. Since films can tell a current situation by telling stories and let the audience feel like they are in the film, the film can also be a documentary that describes the current situation in a country. It can let people know more about what is happening in the other countries.

Film Festivals help the country itself

Big film festivals always attract tourist. Many movie directors from all over the world come to that place to watch movies during the film festival. It can bring a huge revenue to the tourism industry and promote tourism in the host country. Also sometimes, there will be some tourist that come to the country aiming to visit the festival. It is also a way that film festivals attract tourist.

Besides, through the film festivals, some countries can introduce their culture to the others. As the movies themselves is already a tool to show some country’s’ unique culture to the others. When a film festival is happening, there will be a lot of movies come from different countries showing there. And this is a way to get in touch with these different countries without actually going to that place.

It can also enlarge the country’s film industry. New producers and actors are usually hard to be seen by the public. Through the film festival, they can submit their film to the festivals and show their films to the others. In some small film festivals, there are many film school students submitting their work to the festival. And when they win the award in the festival, they’ll get their name entitle to the award, which is a great tool for them to get into the business. They may also have a chance to get discovered by some big film producer and being brought up to the film industry.


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