Critical Reflection journal 4


Throughout the entire semester of studying Transnational Media and Culture Industries, I have so much fun learning about the media and their influence around the world. I have been going through different topics and learned how our living style change the way that media present to us or help us.

In the first three weeks, we have gone through a variety of different television show. And the different countries with different culture affect how the shows are presented to the public. we can see that there can be so much different in the shows that are produced in different countries even when the shows themselves have similar topic and theme. And that different can be because of the cultural differences among different countries. It can also be the result of different people in different areas have different interest while having leisure time. I have so much fun finding minor differences in programmes that look almost the same, as in that way I feel like I am exploring a new angle of watching TV shows.

In the three weeks after that, we moved to look at media and the way they evolve to suit the market. Or not. As the world and the internet culture are constantly changing, the media needs a change, or else it would be ignored or abandoned or will even disappear. To prevent it from sinking, there are a few ways for them to seek help. One of them is to cooperate with others. There are so many coproductions that are successful because of that. As coproductions can have more audience and also more financial support. The other is to get help from the government. Many times this would be financial help. The industry may be able to get a certain amount of money and have some support from it. If they are lucky enough, the government may help to promote the industry and they can be more visible and may even become international. We also talked about piracy and how it obstructs the industry from well developing.

The final topic is about cosmopolitanism. we talked about how the media go worldwide. First, we took film festivals as an example to study. As most of the film festivals are opened to the public and people worldwide can hand in their work to take part in it. This can help cosmopolitanism as those movies can help promote one country’s culture to the other country from showcasing in the country that the film festival is currently taking place in. It also encourages people to share their thoughts with people from different countries. We also talked about how news reporting help cosmopolitanism. Those who report about the other countries and also those who talk about the other countries. Social media can also be a tool to promote cosmopolitanism as social media is very much the best way to tell ones thought to the other side of the earth.

Through these lessons, I can now see media from many different perspectives. And learn more about the way that media works in our lives and how two of them react to each other.


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