Battle Royale II: Requiem: Shuya Nanahara

Battle Royale is a movie series of two movies about a purge within a group of high school kids called BR Act in Japan. Shuya Nanahara is one of the main characters in the series. In the first movie of the series, Shuya is one of the two kids that can survive and escape from the purge. In the sequel Battle Royale II: Requiem, Shuya form a team called Wild Seven with other survivors from previous BR Acts. They aim to revolt the government who founded BR and the adults who supported the program.

As Wild Seven started having actions, the government reform the BR Act into a program that forces a group of high school kids to kill Shuya and the Wild Seven and called it BRII Act. And that is what this sequel mainly shows us.

Through the movie, it feels like Shuya is still weak inside even though he is the leader of the team and have been surviving for years. He still has a kind heart within him but also too emotional. However, the movie shows that even the weak side can still win the war. I think the group of young resemble Japan And the government is a symbol of the world.


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  1. Nanahara is really important in both Battle Royale. In BR II, the most obvious identity for Shuya Nanahara was the leader of the anti-government party “Wild Seven”. In this season of Battle Royale, the story background built up since Nanahara organized “Wild Seven” and so the government selected a group of “Problem Students” aiming at killing Nanahara. The identities of Nanahara act as the most important element throughout the two seasons of Battle Royale.


  2. Yes, Shuya really had a lot of identities in those movies and those were the important identities in those movies. In BR, he was a student and also one of the BR’s participants. In our views, he was just a victim. However, his identities were totally different in BRII. He became the leader of “Wild Seven”. If you have never know what he has met in BR, you may think that he was a villain.


  3. In my opinion, I think Shuya is more important character than the student. It is the representative of this movie series, the identity to the reputation for the injustice of the government.
    There are too many injustice cases in the society, but most of the times people afraid to uncover or fight for it. This movie is the example to tell us how young adults fight for their own justice through their way, just like the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. Although Shuya becomes the leader of the rebel organization, we can see how the weakness inside him when the student told him about their situation. Shuya still remembers the first time he joins the BR game and how the other classmates die in front of him.


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