After reading “Autoethnography: An Overview”, I learn a new way to do a research. Usually, we do research on finding articles and essays that people have written to find data and information. And I usually do that on the internet. However, Autoethnography does not include this in the research. It is more of a whole different thing to that.

Autoethnography is all about the present. I have to really see the thing or people we do research on to collect data about that. It needs us to observe how people behave and experience in order to get a result. It helps us understand the people’s habit and culture of a place or a group of people by seeing that in person.

This research method may be more traditional and time-consuming, yet it is not any more precise than the usual researching methods. Instead, it may be even less accurate as this research method require the inspectors to inspect the objects in person in a long period of time in order to collect as much data as they can. through this method, we may either inspect not enough objects for a long time, or inspect many objects but not for long enough, or have to use a very long time to get what we want. It is said that ‘autoethnography is criticized for either being too artful and not scientific, or too scientific and not sufficiently artful'(Ellis, C., Adams, T., Bochner, A., 2011).


Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011) ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 12:1


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  1. It seems that Autoethnography is a waste time research method, but I think it is useful for us. When some of the research topics are new or hard to find the supportive sources, we can try to use Autoethnography, It is a good experience for us.


  2. I used to be finding articles and essays for my project too, it is convenience that we can sit in front of the computer to do our research and save more time on collecting data. But we may found that people usually get the similar observation on the internet, that makes our research looks like photocopying.
    Autoethnography is different from the other research method, we collect the data ourselves and make the conclusion by own cultural experience. Which means we may get a more distinct result that is not similar to others, it depends on our self-personal training through handling different situation. Although it is wasting time to collect sufficient data for the research, it is a good method to getting the observation for our topics.


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