Independent Autoethnography

Why Do I Watch Vlogs on YouTube?

YouTube is a very large video sharing platform that everyone can access to. there are so many types of videos. The most popular one is music videos because, honestly, who do not like listening to music and watching MVs. Besides music videos, there are also challenges, sketches, tutorials, pranks, vlogs, and so on. And on youtube, there are thousands and millions of channels providing different kinds of videos for us to choose from and subscribe to.

Recently, I started watching vlogs on YouTube. At first, I thought that vlogs are not that attractive compared to the other kinds of video, as they are just showing how one person lives his or her daily life. However, after I watched a few of the vloggers’ video, I found it very interesting and since then I can’t stop watching vlogs (that would be so exaggerated but I can’t find another way to say it better).

Vlogs are a form of blog for which is being shown in video form.The word ‘Vlog’ is the short form of ‘video blog’ or ‘video log’. It is told that vlogs are like a kind of reality show that is shown on the internet.

Why are vlogs attractive? As what we can see, vlogs are videos that normal people film about their lives and then post them on the internet, most of them are posted on YouTube.  These people are called vloggers in general. There are many vloggers posting vlogs onto the internet, some of them even post vlogs daily. There are a lot of them but only a few of them can really be famous. They can make a living by posting vlogs and letting the public see them day by day if they are famous enough. The videos that they post can be some very funny incident or some home activities, or some other random things that they do. Some of them can even turn daily boring things into many funny videos.


To me, there are different kinds of vlogs that give me different feelings. And I would group them into two types in general. They are funny and inspiring.

FUNNY: Some of the vlogs are very funny (as I said above). They usually make me smile if not laugh. Some of them will do dumb things in the vlogs and attract viewers to watch them and maybe they will subscribe to them. Some of them can turn normal things in our usual lives and make it funny. I think that they are genius as I will also meet that thing or situation very often but I never think about what they can think and make fun of.

INSPIRING: They have the ability to tell you that your life is full of blessing and every day is full of hope. Instead of being dumb, they will do fun things that not everyone can do easily in their normal lives, and somehow told their viewers that they can also be like them. They can sometimes even become teens’ role model and their lives will become teens’ dream life. That is one of the reasons why many kids and teens nowadays will say that being a YouTuber is what they want to grow up into.

Watching vlogs on the internet may sometimes make me feel like their lives are so much more interesting and meaningful than our own lives, but deep down we know that the lives themselves are all the same, it is just how you live it that change the feels.



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  1. I do watch Youtube videos everyday!! Some Youtubers that I’ve subscribed are vloggers too. I enjoy watching vlogs like travel and cooking, I think these videos inspire me a lot. Apart from what you have mentioned in the category of INSPIRING, I think those vloggers are also teaching viewers things that they won’t easily get access to, such as other countries’ culture. It’s a good way to learn more about the world on youtube!!

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