Blog 4: Independent Autoethnography Part 2

Why Do I Watch Vlogs on YouTube? (Part 2)

Last time I mentioned what is vlogs and how I feel about vlogs. However, I still haven’t answered the main question, why I watch vlogs.

When I watch vlogs, I usually like to watch vlogs that show people doing something that I am not able to do or easily do in my own life. It is like having others to do what I am not able to do or too dangerous to do, and also somewhat will want to do or see others do. That may be hard to understand. Let me take an example, the first vlogger that I watch is Roman Atwood. He is one of the most famous vloggers on YouTube. He is best known for vlogging his life on daily bases. What attracts me the most is that he loves to do crazy things. One time he drove a school bus into his large pond in his backyard and have to call professionals to pull it back on the ground. Another time he jumps into the same pond when the water is freezing cold. It even has a foot of ice on it before he cut that hole for him to jump in. GTR racing, fire ramping, and so on. But what I like the most is still the things that he did to entertain his kids and his whole family.

To me, his life is full of succeeding, fun and excitement. I cannot even see people doing what he can do in real life. He is one of the vloggers who post vlogs that are both funny and inspiring. He inspires most of his viewer to live their life, work hard and chase their dream. There are a lot of other vloggers that can also motivate their viewers and give them inspiration. And these driving force is what the society nowadays should have.

Besides motivation from the vlogs, I can also see other country’s culture by watching vlogs. It is not only travel vlogs that can introduce a new culture to the viewers, even normal vlogs can show the culture where the vloggers are in. It is like a reality show that I can watch about other people. It is even more realistic than a reality show that we normally see on TV. By watching these vlogs, I can somehow escape from the reality and see what the other people is up to.

I think I am like the other viewers, deep down I also want to live like them in the future and have fun every day.

Gif. sources: Giphy


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