BCM210 Assessment 2 individual analysis

How online movie steaming changes millennials’ view and behaviour on movie-watching?

As watching movies online being very convenient, many movies are now being sold online, some movies are even only able to be seen on the Internet.

There were many OTT services nowadays that allow people watch movies online legally, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, iTunes store and google play. OTT is the short form of Over-the-Top which is that the media provider can sell audio, video, and other media services directly to the consumer over the internet via streaming media. Unlike watching movies in the cinemas, these OTT services allow people to watch movies whenever and wherever they want. Also, there are websites that let people watch movies for free. Although most of them are illegal, they are still everywhere and are very easy to be found.

Yet sometimes people still prefer watching movies in cinemas. Some may say that they would like to support the industry. Some may like the experience of movies watching in cinemas.

In this research, I would like to find out how online movie streaming changing our generation’s view and behaviour on movie-watching. To find out the result from both quantitative and qualitative data, my group mate and I conducted google online surveys and focus group interviews with our course’ classmate. And below is the analyse of the result.


Through the online questionnaires, we received 40 responses.

First, we found out that there are more than half of the people (22 out of 40) respond saying that they go to the cinemas to watch movies usually once a month. The second most chosen respond said they barely go watch movies in cinemas, 10 out of 40 respondents chose this option. However, when they were asked how often they watch online videos, most of them (33 out of 40) answered they watch them every day. And that includes watching movies online. Even when they do not watch movies online every day, this shows that they watch movies online more often than in cinemas.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.31.15 AM

The second question that is related to my topic is whether they have paid for online streaming service. after the survey, we found out that more than half of the respondents’ response saying they are purchasing online streaming service.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.30.23 AM


We have interviewed two groups of people. And I got some really useful responses from them. Similar to what I have said above, our interviewees also said that they watch movies online more often than in cinemas. Some of them said that they go to cinemas once a month, some said once or twice a week. But mostly they said that they go to cinemas depends on whether there are movies they are interested in, or if there are any blockbuster that has a higher rating, which is kind of seasonal. Meanwhile, when I ask them how often they watch movies online, most of them said that it is more often. One said that it is because of him having an OTT service account, that lets him watch movies whenever he wants. And that there are many movies in the database which he subscribed. So that convenience him. They say that the internet allows them to have a lot more movies to choose from, especially for the movies that are old and cannot be seen in the cinemas anymore. And there are a lot of movies online that is also of a very good quality. If they have these options, why don’t they choose the one that is more convenient when it is for free. Also when they have less time to really go out and watch a movie, then they will just watch something at home.

They also mentioned a point that it really worth mentioning. it is that watching movies online gives you the ability to pause the movie in the middle. this is one of the huge differences of watching movies in cinemas compare to watching online. People cannot stop the movie in the middle of it airing in the cinema when they want to go to the toilet or refill your popcorn. However, when they watch movies online you can pause the movie whenever they want. They can even pause it and go have a meal and get back to start right where it stopped. Interviewees also mentioned that they can fast forward and backwards while watching movies at home. This comes in so much handier when someone just wants to know about a movie’s plot but do not want to watch the whole movie. It convenience them when they rewatch some movies and maybe just want to watch some particular scenes or skip some scenes. Also sometimes when there are movies that they may want to know about but do not feel like it is worth to pay for the movies.

On the other hand, after all, they still aware of the copyright issue and think that piracy is a bad thing for the industry. Maybe that is why in the survey most of the people responded saying that they are purchasing online streaming services.

However, some of them actually mentioned that they don’t think it affects the movie industry. It is already very common for people to watch movies online. But those are usually movies that are up in cinemas for a long time or even already not on cinemas anymore. If the audience really want to watch the movie they would be already seen it in cinemas when it is just up and not wait until it is available online.


All in All, watching movies online is kind of like a norm nowadays, and it is irreversible. You cannot stop people from watching movies online. So selling movies to OTT services can be the future of the movie industry.


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