BCM210 Opinion Piece & Short Reflection (part 2)

Short Reflection

In this research, we experienced doing a survey using first-handed data. We abducted the survey through questionnaires and interviews. We received many useful data. However, there are still some parts of the project that we would like to improve next time.

First of all, we do not have enough variety of respondents in our survey to have an exhaustive result to our research. In our survey, most of the respondents are in the age of 19 to 23. There are 87.5% of the respondents that responded to our questionnaires are in this age range. For the interview, all of the interviewees are in this age range. That makes it harder to get a fair result. This age range is in the Generation Y, which is known for being very adaptable to the technology and love to use smart gadgets. As our topic is about using internet service as a habit. And these group of people are more likely to say yes to using these kind of things as a practice. Even if there is no problem of people having a similar habit, most of the respondents in a really small age range is already a reason of getting biased from the survey. So for the next time, I will work harder on getting data and comments from different aspects and different kind of people. I may also share the survey on different social media and get more people to see it. I hope that it will help getting more response from different targets.

Secondly, the questions in our questionnaires are set so broad that the result is a little hard to choose. There are a few questions that are short and lack of explanation. After we release the questionnaires online, we received some feedback saying that they have some confusion on some of the questions. there are also some technical problems occurred at the beginning of releasing the questionnaires to the public that we found out after a few days. For the questions part, they may need a little more explanation to help the respondents to finish the questions. For the next time, I would like to further examine the questions before publishing the questionnaires.

Although it is not the perfect questionnaire, we got enough data to finish our assignment and the data are fairly alike to the resources that we found online. For those flaws that occurred in the survey, we will try our best to improve the next time and hope that we can get more useful responses to the survey that help our research.


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