BCM210 Opinion Piece & Short Reflection (part 1)

Opinion Piece

Since the Internet became popular, there are already tons of movies being shared online. Companies see this as an opportunity and start selling movies online. There are now many OTT services that allow people watch movies online legally. OTT (Over-the-Top) services are the media providers who sell audio, video, and other media services directly to the consumer over the internet via streaming media. And this is how those companies make use of the internet to sell movies to their customers. In this era, most of the people love to watch videos on the internet as it is so convenient. they can watch whatever they want and watch them anywhere when they have a device that can connect to the internet. Because of that, more and more people are now choosing to purchase and use OTT service.

In this research, I will be finding out how actually does online movie streaming affect people’s behaviour and habit on movie watching.

Through the investigation in questionnaires and interviews, it is found that people nowadays are watching movies on the internet more than they do in cinemas. And there are so many different reasons that make watching movies online more attractive. First of all is the function. Many of the respondents love the fact that they can be the one who controls the playing of the movies. While streaming movies online, the systems allow them to pause the movies, fast forward or backward to another scene and even continue watching in the day after. The flexibility of online movie streaming makes it more desirable or suitable for a short time leisure.

However, it does not mean that these movie streaming services are damaging the business of movie theatre. Although the movie streaming services let people watch movies for free, those movies are usually not in cinemas anymore. Those movie streaming services, actually let people have more chance to watch movies, and also rewatch old movies that they want to watch but not in cinemas. A report shows that audience watch videos in OTT service more frequently after they purchased the service(Ferreira, P., Miguel Godinho de Matos, 2017). It is found that having OTT service at home let people so much easier to access to a movie, that let them have more chance on watching movies. As for usual, people go to a cinema to watch a movie more often when it is on a weekend. However, when they have OTT service at home they are more likely to watch a movie on a weekday, where they are home from work being really tired sitting on the couch. In this situation, those online movie streaming service server as a very good channel for the audience to watch movies comfortably at home.

Another report found that the biggest threat to the movie theatres in not those movie streaming services, it is actually other kinds of evening’s entertainment(Savage, J., 2014). Since movie streaming services usually do not have a movie that is just aired in cinemas for not long, they usually have to wait for weeks or even months to get those movies to be up on those movie streaming services. At that time,  the screening period of most of the movies has already ended. If the audience really wants to watch the movie they would be already seen it in cinemas when it is just aired and not wait until it is available online.

Besides, the report stated that movies streaming services created a whole new way for people to watch movies. Back then when online movie streaming is not that popular, people use to only be able to watch movies in cinemas and at home through CDs and DVDs. When they watch movies in cinemas, they usually can only watch one movie at a time. Even when they watch movies on CDs and DVDs, there are a limited amount of movies as it is hard to own all the movies that are out there, also those movies are usually movies that they have watched, for multiple times. However, after online movie streaming become a trend, there are so many movies in the database that we do not have to have it downloaded to watch it. It is so much easier to find movies that ones have never watched, even when the movies are already old. There is a larger chance that the audience will watch the movies on after one without getting bored. The audience can watch continuously one movie after one movie. And this creates a culture of video binge-watching(Ferreira, P., Miguel Godinho de Matos, 2017).

All in all, these online movie streaming services do not decrease the number of people going to the cinemas. Just the opposite, they let people have more chance to watch movies. They even get more people into watching movies. This may actually help the movie industry.



Ferreira, P., Miguel Godinho de Matos (2017). Binge Yourself Out the Effect of Binge Watching on the Subscription of Video on Demand. USA: Carnegie Mellon University.  https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=377005116116022068077067075099120000010018028080064039094024118077084088110003127121101050022063001111037109025001125068028089005025004048052085081090115071067093094001062078085101020120075119066031106001123108115068093021017028015094076124031093007083&EXT=pdf

Savage, J. (2014). The Effect of Video on Demand Services on the Cinema Industry. Ireland: Letterkenny Institute of Technology.  https://research.thea.ie/bitstream/handle/20.500.12065/1168/MARK_SavageJ.pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y

Hughes, M., Forbes (2015). The Millennial Trends That Are Killing Cable.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/markhughes/2015/03/21/the-millennial-trends-that-are-killing-cable/#64779c7f2293


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