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I belong here, the small (or maybe big) screen in front of your face. this is the internet, welcome, and welcome back if you have already been here before, pal. I would love to introduce this place to you either you like it or not.

I love this place because in here, a small screen on my hand, I can be as far to reach the other side of the planet. I can also be as close to the just chatting with the friend right next to me, through the internet. A place small as a little box on my palm is bigger than anywhere on earth. When I am here, and it makes me feel like I am everywhere.

The Internet is a very fun place to stay, there is everything that I can wish for. From entertainment to research studies, purchasing intangible online service to tangible products. There are a lot of ways to say using the Internet, but the one I love to use is “surfing the Internet”. It is because when I am on the Internet, I am surrounded by an ocean full of information.

I do a lot of things online, but the one thing that I do most of the time there is watching videos. There are a large variety of videos that allow me to wast my time on. I would go here and there watching many different kinds of videos on different themes. Sometimes I will play some videos in the background while doing my works, that’s a very dangerous practice as I will sometimes just get attracted by the videos rather than the works I have to do and start watching those videos one by one. Suddenly I realize that I have spent the whole day just there, without getting my work done.


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