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The memory of watching TV

Nowadays TV is very common yet not so commonly used to people in this era. Every family have a TV at home, some of them even have two to three TV placing in different rooms at their home. Yet starting from about ten years ago, mobile phones and other gadgets start to rise and got peoples attention. Then many apps and services came up. Now we have so many different kinds of entertainments for us to spend time with, too many for me to say. Watching TV become less and less popular among people, especially to those younger generations.

However, in just 30 to 40 years ago, TV is not that common. I have asked someone who is willing to share his experience of watching TV when he was small. It is in about 40 years ago when TV is a kind of luxury goods. He is lucky that his family got a TV. With a cooker, a refrigerator, and a laundry machine, these four are the most expensive and important things at home. His family watched TV anytime when they are home. He said he had to get all his homework done to be able to watch TV. When he got bad marks at school, he will not be allowed to watch TV and that gets him so sad every time. He loves to watch Japanese kids shows with his siblings and other neighbor’s kids when they are very focused on the show that he can’t hear his mother screaming his name.

He also told me that he remembers sending a picture of his family with their TV to their relatives in mainland China. In that picture, it is like the TV is the main focus of the picture and his family is just supporting roles. It is like to send a picture to them to brag about having a TV at home.

Through these many years, there have been so many changes, and the society has so much different. But I still find something similar to my childhood. I am so lucky that I can be born in this era where we have so many entertainments to choose from. And it is so fun to talk with my uncle and share our childhood memory with each other.



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