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From a single selfie to Insta-famous

Nowadays when we open our social media apps, there will be countless of selfies and pictures of people. You can see them having their best time and putting their biggest shiniest smile on their faces, Showing they are having a good timing and sharing it with the whole world. these people can be your friends, they can also be someone you don’t know in real life. However, they never post anything negative on their pages. It is like their life is full of perfection and are always at their best. But that cannot be true, people can’t be happy all the time, that is only what they want you to think.

Many things on the internet are not real, people act like they are someone else to get likes from others. But in real life, they are totally different. Well, that is not what I want to say. What I want to say is that people act differently online to promote themselves and some of them even treat this as their job. This is not a bad thing. As the society nowadays relies so much on the internet, many people even afford their lives depends on the network. As a result, there are many people got themselves famous on the Internet. In most of the cases, it takes a long process to get a considerable result. With some hard work, many people got famous in social media. they got more and more likes on the posts and selfies they post and eventually, they get more followers and get famous. With the followers and views they get, they can get paid for their posts. There are many people treating this as their job. If you think that this cannot be an actual job or business for a person to run and depend on, then you are wrong. If they are famous enough, they can get paid for thousands for a single post. that is why many people do this on a daily bases. Even some young kids and teenagers nowadays want to become internet famous when they grow up.

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How’s your day going? 🍹

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Other than the money they get on simply posting, they also some sponsorship and promotion they get to do. you may sometimes see those people posting pictures of themselves with some products or using a product. They got companies pay them to promote the company’s products on their posts. this is another way for the internet famous people to get income. As the companies want their products to be view by the public, and the insta-famous people have many followers that their posts are guaranteed to have many views, the companies pay them to get their product shown in their post. The views itself became a commodity the internet famous people sell to the companies.


There are even some pets got insta-famous by their owners. The owners are selling their pets as a brand instead of themselves. But what they do are really similar to what the insta-famous done to themselves.

“‪Once I lick it u can’t have it‬” -Doug

Doug The Pug(@itsdougthepug)分享的貼文 於 張貼


jiffpom 🐻(@jiffpom)分享的貼文 於 張貼


There are also some examples show people get famous in a very short time. Usually, there is someone did something somehow unacceptable on the internet that it catches many eyes. Some of them are even some bad things that get people mad at them to get famous.

U ain’t gotta like me , but I got an army of biches that don’t give a fuck just like me 🎤🔥 #bhannedintheusa

Bhad Bhabie(@bhadbhabie)分享的貼文 於 張貼

Lil Tay 4 Prez 👑(@liltay)分享的貼文 張貼


In this era, there are so many people got famous online. Still, this is not a very easy thing to do. There are also some of them that got infamous just by one post or even one act. It is hard to build up something but very easy to destroy it. They did do a lot to build their media account up as their career.


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