BCM240 Blog 4

The Internet and Us

Through the past ten to twenty years, the form of media has changed a lot. In the second last blog, I have talked with a relative of my about the practice of us watching TV in the past. And we can already see that it is a lot different than it is right now.

So this time we are going to talk about the changes in our practice that are caused by our usage of the internet. While nowadays the internet is very commonly used. It is so common that when you look around anywhere, there must be at least half of the people are browsing the internet, no matter it is on a phone, a tablet or a laptop.

The situation we can think of that is closest to us is in the restaurant. When we are having a gathering and eat in a restaurant, some of the time those younger ones will take out their phones and start using them to avoid conversations with the elder. It is like they are in the same place but at the same time they are isolating themselves but going into the internet and ignoring the outside.

The other thing is that when we are in a public transport. Every day when we are taking a ride on a public transport, most of the passengers are on their smartphones. and when we look closer, we can see that some of them are on their social media like Facebook. And some of them are watching videos. Everyone is in the same space yet they are so far to each other. They are in everywhere in the world instead of in the train or the bus.

After the internet became so fast and convenient, everyone would rather go online than staying in where they are.


Castells, M. (2015, September 15). The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective. Retrieved from https://www.technologyreview.com/s/530566/the-impact-of-the-internet-on-society-a-global-perspective/

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