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Is robot world our future?

Technology is now everywhere around us. And they are all helping us to get things done easier, or even done things for us. I can say that we almost can’t live without it.

The robots now are more and more intelligent. They help us do a lot of things, cleaning, interacting with people, serving people, and some taking care of people. They all serve one purpose and it is to make people live better.

20171108102252_789_There are many kinds of robot helpers. A kind of them is called social robots. They are designed to have interaction with people. Their main duty is to take care of people’s mental health. People may treat them as a ‘friend’ or even talk to them. One of the examples is Aibo. It is a robot dog that can play with people. It is like a replacement of a pet animal. And people treat them like a real pet to them. This is comforting to the owners as they can have someone to be with.

edge-sweepThere are also some of the robots that are supposed to be a home helper but people will still put emotions in it and treat it as a living thing. One of them that I can instantly think of is the sweeping robot, some also call it Roomba. It is a home helper robot that helps cleaning the floor. the selling point of it is that it is small enough to clean the place that we are hard to get to like under the couch or shelves, and it is intelligent enough to remember your house’s floor plan so it will not get lost. As it will go around the house by itself, some of the owners may treat it as a pet. It is not hard to find pictures on the internet showing that the owner put eyes on it or dressing them and treat it like a family member.

Social robot on one side is a benefit to our life. Sometimes pets can be a trouble. And having a robot pet instead of a real one can ease the problem. First, the robots do not need owners to clean them or clean for them. Animals need excretion it is not a thing that we can complain about when we get a pet. But with a robot pet, this can be things that we do not need to face. And the hair problem too. real animals shed in some seasons and when it happens there will be a mess. Second, the robots will not have bad behavior. With real animals, the owners will have to train them to behave. And sometimes the animals will have bad temper or do not obey their owners. But with robot pets, this is not a problem.

However, on the other hand, this may have bad influences on people’s behavior. If a kid grows up with a robot pet as their friend. They may think that all the pets or animals are like the robot that they grow up with. If the kid treats the other animal like they treat the robot, they may be in danger as the robot will be kind to them no matter what but with animals they will attack them if they feel threated. Pets are a very good lesson for kids. They teach them to interact with others. But with a robot, it is more likely they will treat them as a toy and the meaning of having a pet which is to learn to interact with others and take care of others is gone.


Barker, C. (2018, June 15). Automation: How iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner became part of the family. Retrieved from https://www.zdnet.com/article/automation-how-irobots-roomba-vacuum-cleaner-became-part-of-the-family/


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