BCM240 Blog 5

Cinema experience

Hundreds of movie come out every year and to this, the most profited companies may be the cinemas.

I love watching movies, and a lot of the times I will go to the cinemas to watch movies when there is a movie that I really want to watch. I know that there are many movies online that I can watch at home comfortably but when I want to watch the movie ASAP, it is better for me to watch it in the cinema. The last time I go to a cinema is in this month when I go watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with a bunch of friends. That is a midnight screening of the movie, and maybe that is why I got sleepy and annoyed by the loud screaming in the movie screening(sorry not sorry).

My friends and I were having dinner while we decided to watch the movie. And it is late already. When I check the screening time on my phone’s app, I found that there is only one timeslot available for us at that time and that is 10 minutes from that time. So we rush there as fast as we can to buy the tickets. It’s so lucky we get there on time.

Well as we are at the movie theater I realize that the place is already really dark as we got a bit late for the screening. Even with the bright screen and the shining words showing the row, it is still very hard for me to find my way to the seat.

After all the experience is not bad. The movie is interesting enough that I didn’t fall asleep in the middle. As the movie ended it was already 2 o’clock in the morning.


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