BCM240 Blog 6

A day outside

Smartphones are very common in our life nowadays. In 2017, there were 63% of people in the 52 major countries own a smartphone. And in Hong Kong, it is even 93% of people that are having a smartphone(Zenith, 2017). Some of them even have more than one. We can say that almost everyone in Hong Kong has a smartphone. Well, actually I don’t even have to do a research to find this out. Walk on the street and I can already see this showing everywhere. It is right in front of my face.

So I randomly chose a day and briefly recorded what I saw about people“Phubbing” anywhere around.

06-e1529909774234.jpgEvery time you get into a public transport, there is a very huge chance that you will see people “phubbing” inside the crowd. I am no exception, as I get on a train cart, I am already seeing …Good luck there is not any person in need of a seat or they may be screwed cause they will be blamed by all the other passengers. Or maybe not, maybe they are all busy staring at their phones that they won’t notice what is happening next to them. That’s just my thought.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

01And when I got outside the train station, I saw a pretty weird situation(well to me it is weird). I saw a bunch of people standing right outside the station exit tapping on their phones, some of them even got multiple phones. And their gesture is almost the same. I look up close and realize they are playing the game Pokemon Go. There are around twenty people in total. After ten minutes, they are going away gradually. Soon they are all gone like there was nothing happened.

05.jpgThen I went eating in a restaurant. In the restaurant, there are also people using their phones not surprisingly. They usually use their phones before and after the meal. Few of them will use it during the meal. I found those who use their phones after the meal very annoying as they are holding the table while they have already finished their food. And this makes those who are waiting have to wait longer for the table because of that.

Well that’s just half a day but if I have to record all it will take me a while. It’s a fun time watching others and see what they are doing.


  1. Zenith. (2017, October 16). Smartphone penetration to reach 66% in 2018 Retrieved from https://www.zenithmedia.com/smartphone-penetration-reach-66-2018/

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