BCM240 Blog 7(&8)

Project Proposal

In this project, at first, I have two ideas on the topic of my research. And I cannot choose between the two. The first one is to compare playing games on phones and playing games on big screens like computers and TVs. Since there are too many types of video games for us to choose to play, and I would like to divide them into two types which are applications games and games that play on game consoles. The second one is to compare the viewing experience on traditional TV and online TV streaming. Cause nowadays, TV streaming is becoming more and more popular around the world and are also rising in Hong Kong. As more and more people are adapting TV streaming, people will probably have some preference between the two.

In the end, I chose the first one as I think that it will be more interesting in comparison to the second one. So below is my final topic:

Compare playing games on phones and playing games on big screens like computers and TVs (Game Playing: Phone vs Console)

We all love games. Playing games is like having a break from the busy life that we live. I love playing video games. When I play games, I feel like I am living in the other dimension, which is so more interesting and exciting than this one, the one that we are currently living in.

There are many different kinds of games. And it will be very hard to state them all out. I  divided them into two types. They are applications games and games that play on game consoles. And in this research, I am going to compare players’ experience and their feelings about playing games with different instruments.


In the research, I will be using interviews as my primary information’s source. I will be interviewing two to three people who like to play games and have played on both smartphones and consoles. They may be all youngster as most of the gamers I know are close to my age.

In below, there are some questions I drafted for the interview I will conduct:

  1. which gaming device are you playing more?
  2. what kind of games do you usually play?
  3. what are the differences between phone and console?
  4. what are the differences between the games in the two devices?
  5. will there be some kinds of games that you would prefer to play it on one device more than the other? What makes you think that?
  6. do you remember some interesting things that happened about playing these devices?


the following are the main result that I will be finding in the whole project:

  1. prefer some games with a certain theme to be played in certain media
  2. different age groups have different preferences
  3. people may prefer different devices in different situations(e.g. play in consoles while playing with friends, play on phones when surrounded by many people like in family gathering)

Final result

At first I was going to write a blog and put some short video inside as support. But now I may consider making a video instead. In the video, I will be narrating in the background and may also show some clips of the interview. I had made videos before so I think it would not be too hard for me as long as I have enough time to make it.

Schedule plan

  • Week 9: proposal
  • Week 10: research and start interview
  • Week 11: analyze interview result with the help of research information
  • Week 12: organising materials, video making and refine

With this plan I think it will be easy for me to start the research and interview now. I am looking forward to see the final product.


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