BCM240: Design and Strategy

I start using WordPress from September 2017. It has been almost a year and I have posted a lot of blogs on this website. I am also forming a style on my blog page through this year. Therefore in this blog, I will be telling you how I am showing them in my blogs.

First of all, I would like to talk about design factors. I will be starting with color. For me, I personally like black and white more than any bright color. I think that it can give a cleaner look to the webpage and also look more professional. So in the webpage, I am using different tones of gray color. I also chose a picture with a kind of grayish color as the picture of the header’s background. In the blog post, other than the pictures that feature in the blogs, the other things all follow this rule to keep the consistency. There is, however, a little deficiency as I would like to use more of different gradients of gray, but the platform WordPress does not support that much variety of color choices so I have to settle with it.

Second, for typography, I am using the same font throughout the whole year. This is mainly because the system only supports using the same format through all the blogs on the same website. For the font, I am using ‘Oswald’ as heading and ‘Karla’ as the base font. They are both fonts that are easy to read. For the heading font ‘Oswald’, it is a font with thick strokes even without bolding it. It is enough to catch the readers’ attention. On the other hand, for the base font ‘Karla’, I think it is very clear, it has a large kerning and shows everything clearly. There is also a larger spacing between paragraphs which can help the readers read through paragraphs without feeling hard to read.

Third, for photography, I have been trying to put photos in every blog post. As I said, I put a picture with a kind of grayish color as the picture of the header’s background. Therefore to balance out the boredom it gives to the reader with seeing the same picture in every blog post, I put some more colorful pictures on every blog. These pictures are related to the blog they are in so as to show the theme to the readers without having to read to post. Also, the colorful pictures may be able to attract readers and get their interest into reading the blog itself. For the earlier post, I will even use gif. as the media that are shown in the blog post. However, I feel like it is annoying to have something that keeps moving when the readers are trying on focusing on reading my blog. So I stop using them eventually.

For the other things, I will start with positive and negative space. As the blogs are mostly made out of words, the fonts help it a lot. As I said, the font I chose has a large kerning and can show words clearly. But that’s not all. For the background, I chose white and for the words, on the other hand, I chose a darker gray. With this kind of contrast, the readers will be very easy to read the paragraphs. Also with the use of white as the background, the whole interface is brighter and will be much easier to read than a dark background. Also, the spacings between paragraphs are also helping the readers to read feeling less of a burden.

Besides, I linked my twitter account to the blogs. In my blogs, the readers can see my tweets directly from the right side of the words. I have put it there and it shows the most current tweets that I have posted and shared. I will also post tweets about the updates of my blog so the readers who followed my twitter account can know when I posted any new blogs.

I also use post dividers very often. In many of my blogs, I have been using secondary information like some online articles as references to make my post more truthful and convincing. To emphasize the references and to separate them from the paragraphs, I will put the references in the bottom of the blog and put a horizontal line between the paragraphs and the references. This can also make the blogs look more organized. Sometimes I will quote something important and useful for the blogs that I have seen from the other articles to the blogs to enrich the content of the blogs. I will put those sentences into a box with a darker background between paragraphs to emphasize them and to show them more clearly.

There are still many other things that I have used to give my readers a better experience in reading my blogs. I will start with categories. In the top of my webpage, there is a selection bar placing horizontally below the picture of the header. I have categorized all my blogs into different courses and different semesters. Readers can easily find and review any of my posts. When they want to find some blogs in the middle of their reading, they can click those to check out the other blogs. The categories are also shown on the very bottom of the pages so they can find the other blogs when they have done reading one. If there is a specific blog post that they may want to find and read, there are also search engines in the selection bar at the top, the right side of the blogs and the bottom of the pages that they can search where ever they are in the pages.

There are also interactions between my readers and me. My readers are able to leave some comments under my blogs. There is a box on every blog posts for them to leave comments. I will read them all and sometimes, I will reply to them in the blogs so they can see more of my points of view. We can also exchange our opinions to the others.

I also linked some of the blogs that I have been following to the bottom of my pages so my readers can know what I have been reading and visit their blogs.

After all, there may still be improvements in the future and these are things that I have set in this year.



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