BCM332 Final

Digital Artifact

Contextual Statement

In the last few case studies, I have been talking about youtube censoring in general. In those studies, I was focusing on how youtube treat their creators differently base on the way these creators help them to earn money. Which to those who help them earn a lot, they are looser on their restriction. While to those who cannot, youtube will cut out their advertisement income or even their account.

And as we have been covering a lot about LGBTQ+ in our peer teaching about censorship of books, this time, in the video, I would like to talk about youtube’s attitude toward the LGBT community.

Start from last year, YouTubers discovered youtube has been demonetizing some LGBT related content(Hunt, E., 2017). As we mentioned before in the peer teaching about book censorship, those LGBT content showing to children will not change children’s sexuality. However, the adults still think that it is inappropriate to show them the content even though there is nothing related to sex appearing in those youtube videos. On the other hand, these content are good for those LGBT kids to watch to realize that they are not different but not weird.

Yet these content got demonetizing without justification. Demonetizing those videos not only stop children from watching them, It also makes advertisers stand back from putting their advertisements into those videos(CaliforniaLuv84., 2017). And this will decrease the creators’ income in working on their youtube channel. At that time there were a lot of YouTubers making videos as their full-time job. As they are losing their income, many of the LGBT content creators gave up on their youtube channel and start posting their new videos onto the other platform like Patreon instead of youtube.

“A lot of LGBTQ content creators like myself have been financially struggling due to these new restrictions being implemented,” , “Just because these new restrictions are being implemented doesn’t mean we have to quit YouTube… But what you do have to do is make a living.”(Frosch, S., 2018)

Although this issue start happening last year, and it caught a lot of people’s attention in the LGBT community, The issue still has not been solved. In the recent months, there are content creators doing experiments on youtube by putting LGBT related wordings into the title of the videos(Whatstrending, 2018). It is shown that those titled with related wording still got demonetized. The pieces of evidence have been shown in my digital artifact.

This is not the only case showing youtube’s discriminatory behavior toward LGBT creators. Just in these few months, those LGBT YouTubers was told by their viewers that their videos started being inserted with some anti-LGBT advertisement onto the beginning of the videos(Hills, M. C., 2018). This is somehow like saying to the viewers ‘being LGBT is not okay’ when they try to find these kinds of content and try to look for support. Youtubers have been responding and showing their anger against this issue.


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