BCM310 project reflect


My topic is “How do movies frame people’s perception on robots? – truth or fiction”

The reason why I want to work on this topic is that I like watching movies. And in movies, I have seen lots of robots, so much more than robots in real life. So when talking about robots, the very first thing I can think of is robots in movies.

Through the project, I learned something which I didn’t know before. Such as some difference wordings. There were already proper nouns for the robots appearing in movies when they were not yet existing in the real world. They were once just some concept that human technology not yet advanced enough to develop such complicated designs. One of them is Artificial Intelligence(A.I.). A.I. means robots that can think for themselves and work on their own will. They do not need a command from human beings and may not want that. The other one is Android. Androids are robots which have a human appearance. They look human and may even confuse people. It can be controlled by humans, or they can also be an A.I. which can be just like a human or being seen as another separate species. There are also cyborg, machine, droid, automaton and so on. They are all words that describe robots.

Beside this, I also discover a lot of movies I haven’t even heard of before. And I listed some of them into the Prezi report.

For the final product, I first thought of using video for my presentation, however, I find that I did not have enough time to do so. So I change to using Prezi. I have heard of Prezi and also seen people using Prezi. But I never use it myself. I find Prezi very easy to use. It is like just PowerPoint but better looking.

In the report, I also put a video on it which is a mash-up of some scene of robots in different movies. In the video, most of the robots are fighting robots. I did not put lifelike robots into the video although it is mentioned in the report. It is because those lifelike robots in movies are acted by human and if I only put short parts of it in the video, it cannot represent robots and it may also be confusing.

In the proposal, I mentioned some secondary resources that are related to my project. However, in the project itself, I found not all the resources mentioned are useful to the findings. So I find some other more useful for the topic. For that, I cannot find some other scholar report that is useful to the project. Yet I found some news report which is useful and from the platform I think is trustworthy. They are some from Wired and from The Washington Post.

For the conclusion, I was first thought of movies change people perception on robots. But after the research, it comes up that movies are actually somehow forming the development of robots.



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