BCM310 project reflect

https://youtu.be/5RhpHPo_How https://prezi.com/view/KAxNANAyqL00yyalhZCe/ My topic is "How do movies frame people’s perception on robots? - truth or fiction" The reason why I want to work on this topic is that I like watching movies. And in movies, I have seen lots of robots, so much more than robots in real life. So when talking about robots,... Continue Reading →


BCM332 Final

Digital Artifact https://youtu.be/FxFWSEwicMc Contextual Statement In the last few case studies, I have been talking about youtube censoring in general. In those studies, I was focusing on how youtube treat their creators differently base on the way these creators help them to earn money. Which to those who help them earn a lot, they are... Continue Reading →

BCM240: Design and Strategy

I start using WordPress from September 2017. It has been almost a year and I have posted a lot of blogs on this website. I am also forming a style on my blog page through this year. Therefore in this blog, I will be telling you how I am showing them in my blogs. First of all,... Continue Reading →

Case Study part 3: Summary

Internet censorship – YouTube As the Internet becomes more and more commonly used by the public, almost everyone nowadays is available to reach the information all over the world. This is very convenient to most of us. However at the same time, there are a lot of different kinds of information was uploaded and shared... Continue Reading →

BCM240 Blog 7(&8)

Project Proposal In this project, at first, I have two ideas on the topic of my research. And I cannot choose between the two. The first one is to compare playing games on phones and playing games on big screens like computers and TVs. Since there are too many types of video games for us to... Continue Reading →

BCM240 Blog 6

A day outside Smartphones are very common in our life nowadays. In 2017, there were 63% of people in the 52 major countries own a smartphone. And in Hong Kong, it is even 93% of people that are having a smartphone(Zenith, 2017). Some of them even have more than one. We can say that almost everyone... Continue Reading →

BCM240 Blog 5

Cinema experience Hundreds of movie come out every year and to this, the most profited companies may be the cinemas. I love watching movies, and a lot of the times I will go to the cinemas to watch movies when there is a movie that I really want to watch. I know that there are... Continue Reading →

BCM332 Case study 2

Internet censorship - YouTube In the last case study, I have shown cases that got censored for unreasonable reasons. This time, I will study a case about YouTube not censoring videos that are supposed that they should be censored ASAP. This year in the early January, there is an incident that grabs the whole world's... Continue Reading →

BCM310 Blog 3

Is robot world our future? Technology is now everywhere around us. And they are all helping us to get things done easier, or even done things for us. I can say that we almost can't live without it. The robots now are more and more intelligent. They help us do a lot of things, cleaning,... Continue Reading →

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