Critical Reflection journal 4

Reflection. Throughout the entire semester of studying Transnational Media and Culture Industries, I have so much fun learning about the media and their influence around the world. I have been going through different topics and learned how our living style change the way that media present to us or help us. In the first three... Continue Reading →


Critical Reflection journal 3

Film Festival. Have you been to one? There are over 3000 film festivals happening every year around the world(Follows, 2013). But there are just less than ten of them are well-known to the public and are actually getting attention. However, they should be more pay more attention to film festivals as they have many benefits... Continue Reading →

Critical Reflection journal 2

Japanese comics vs. Hong Kong Comics Japan has a very well known image in the creative media industry, especially in anime and comic books. Their anime and comics are so famous around the world. And in this journal, I would like to compare Japanese comics to Hong Kong comics.   Japanese comics, also called manga, have a very... Continue Reading →

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