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https://youtu.be/5RhpHPo_How https://prezi.com/view/KAxNANAyqL00yyalhZCe/ My topic is "How do movies frame people’s perception on robots? - truth or fiction" The reason why I want to work on this topic is that I like watching movies. And in movies, I have seen lots of robots, so much more than robots in real life. So when talking about robots,... Continue Reading →


BCM310 Blog 3

Is robot world our future? Technology is now everywhere around us. And they are all helping us to get things done easier, or even done things for us. I can say that we almost can't live without it. The robots now are more and more intelligent. They help us do a lot of things, cleaning,... Continue Reading →

BCM310 Blog 2

Animal Documentaries Anthropomorphizing Nonhuman Animals In this era, people are so used to sitting on the couch watching TV. There are a lot of different kinds of entertainment we can have in just one little black box in front of the couch. Are documentaries count as a kind of entertainment? It seems like documentaries are... Continue Reading →

BCM310 Blog 1

From a single selfie to Insta-famous Nowadays when we open our social media apps, there will be countless of selfies and pictures of people. You can see them having their best time and putting their biggest shiniest smile on their faces, Showing they are having a good timing and sharing it with the whole world.... Continue Reading →

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