Week 11: Is IoT the Future?

Small from a smartwatch, to big as a smart home. Internet of Things(IoT) is a very helpful thing to humans' life. IoT is the normal objects in our life that can collect data and process and take action by itself. In our normal life, the most common type of IoT is Smartwatch like Apple Watch. Apple Watch... Continue Reading →


Week 10: the bad side of hacking

Other than white hackers, there are still bad hackers in the world. Which may harm other's privacy or even the society's safety. Black hackers, the opposite of white hackers, is a name for the hackers that do bad things on the internet through hacking. There are so many cybercrimes that involve hacking, such as stealing other people's identity, breaking... Continue Reading →

Week 9: the good side of hacking

Hacking, a word that is neutral but somehow has a negative feeling to the others. Actually hacking is not all for a bad purpose. One of the most important hackers in the history is Alan Turing, a genius in the Second World War. In which Alan broke the code that German have for military communication. He did this by helping out creating a... Continue Reading →

week 8: Social Media and revolutions

With social media, you can talk about anything publicly. And we can also see what the others think and talk about. As social media is a public tool, anything you wrote can be shown to anyone, and they will also affect those who have seen it. A voice is powerful and a pool of voices can make a huge... Continue Reading →

Week 7: power of “speech”

Before the internet is accessible to almost everyone, newspapers play a very important role of letting people get in touch with the community or even the world. Where newspapers have to be accurate to everything it says to the public. After the internet, people can easily upload and update things that are online. And people start posting... Continue Reading →

Week 6: Seriously, Apple or Android

There was a time when Apple was the most innovative phone brand in the world.  Now Apple becomes a big brand and every trendy guy own an iPhone. However, is it still the best on earth? Apple does come a long way to this success. However, most of its success comes from Steve Jobs, the God... Continue Reading →

Week 5: Disney got all the copyright

Everyone loves Disney movies. Disney characters have been very popular for many generations. And Disney will have all the copyright of their characters for decades. Indeed, while many of us enjoy the benefits of being able to freely download music from the internet, we worry as well how the musician is to make a living if her... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Where is the time!

After the internet network system changes from using centralized system to equal distributed system, people's whole lifestyle changes. The entire world changes. From the very beginning, when there is only centralized system, not many people can assess to the knowledge online. So most of the workers work with their physical labour. And they have a... Continue Reading →

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