DIGC330 Major essay

Are You Still Playing Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is developed by Niantic. It is a free game for users the download and it is a game that In Pokemon GO, players can capture a variety of Pokemon, use candy to evolve them, and strengthen them to control the gyms of... Continue Reading →


Blog 4: Independent Autoethnography Part 2

Why Do I Watch Vlogs on YouTube? (Part 2) Last time I mentioned what is vlogs and how I feel about vlogs. However, I still haven't answered the main question, why I watch vlogs. When I watch vlogs, I usually like to watch vlogs that show people doing something that I am not able to... Continue Reading →

Independent Autoethnography

Why Do I Watch Vlogs on YouTube? YouTube is a very large video sharing platform that everyone can access to. there are so many types of videos. The most popular one is music videos because, honestly, who do not like listening to music and watching MVs. Besides music videos, there are also challenges, sketches, tutorials, pranks, vlogs, and... Continue Reading →


After reading "Autoethnography: An Overview", I learn a new way to do a research. Usually, we do research on finding articles and essays that people have written to find data and information. And I usually do that on the internet. However, Autoethnography does not include this in the research. It is more of a whole different thing... Continue Reading →

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