Week 9: the good side of hacking

Hacking, a word that is neutral but somehow has a negative feeling to the others. Actually hacking is not all for a bad purpose. One of the most important hackers in the history is Alan Turing, a genius in the Second World War. In which Alan broke the code that German have for military communication. He did this by helping out creating a machine called bomba kryptologiczna to decipher German Enigma encrypted signals and successfully helped the British win the war.

White hats are talented computer security users often employed to help protect computer networks.

(Gil, P., 2017)

Nowadays, some people will hack for justice, like Wikileaks. And hacking can even be a job, a proper job. There is a type of hackers called white hackers, also called ‘white hat’ ethical Hackers. They are actually Network Security Specialists. They break into protected systems and networks to test and assess their security, which can help the system improving its security.


After all, hackers are not all bad. Many of them are doing good and can help the society.


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